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    Whether it is due to bad genes or perhaps pregnancy, some of us have bulges in places they don't belong and no matter how hard we diet or exercise, they just will not go away.   For those stubborn fat deposits, re-nu is proud to offer laser  liposuction to help you sculpt your  body into one that more closely resembles the one you envisioned yourself having.   Laser liposuction has several benefits over traditional liposuction.  It is less painful and can therefore be done completely under local anesthesia, eliminating the risks associated with general anesthesia.  Also, there is less blood loss with the laser and therefore less post-operative bruising.   But the greatest advantage of laser liposuction over traditional liposuction is that it causes significant skin tightening in the treated area.   Prior to the availability of laser liposuction,  areas like the chin, the  upper arms, and the inner thighs were problematic because of excessive skin laxity after traditional liposuction.  Now with laser liposuction, doctors can be more aggressive in treating these areas.
   For those seeking a completely non-invasive alternative to liposuction, re-nu offers ultrasonic cavitationCavitation therapy utilizes powerful low frequency ultrasound to cause fat cells to implode and leak out their contents which are then eliminated by the liver and kidneys.  Cavitation is safe for male breasts, arms, abdomen, back, buttock, and thighs   Many patients see results with one treatment but usually 4-6 treatments are needed to yield the desired results.  There is no down-time or discomfort with this treatment.

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