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   If the luster and vitality of youth seem to wane faster and faster with each passing day, perhaps it's time to let re-nu  help you slow down and even turn back the clock a little. While there is no way to actually turn back time, the staff at re-nu can help reverse some of the effects of time.  re-nu  is a multi-service medical spa which offers a variety of  treatments that address many undesirable conditions associated with aging.   Our approach at re-nu is a balanced one and our mission is to help people look as young as they feel and to feel as young as they look. 
   The services we offer reflect our belief  that healing the inside is just as important as healing the outside. For healing the inside, re-nu offers  revolutionary adult-derived  stem cell and plasma treatments and NAET (Nambutripad Allergy Elimination Technique).  For healing the outside, re-nu offers  skin rejuvenation, varicose and spider vein treatment, laser hair removal, and body sculpting. All  services are provided by licensed professionals with many years of experience in their respective disciplines.  While our services are offered at competitive prices, the quality of our services is uncompromising.  We invite you to visit us at our Queens, NY location to give us an opportunity to prove ourselves to you. Mention this website for a free consultation or sign up for our email list for special offers and promotions.

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